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The Vancouver Nighthawks were a young team in 2016, with the majority of their roster being made up of rookies. Seeing more minutes than most other rookies due to the lack of many veterans of the team, several of the Nighthawks younger players were thrust into starting roles. Most notably of the Nighthawks rookies to thrive was Graeme Barber, Western Conference Rookie of the Year, but he was not the only Nighthawk to have a successful first season in the MLU.

Ty Barbieri, just 18-years old during the 2016 campaign, spent 99% of his points played on the O-line, but flashed some serious defensive skill during a particular play from the team’s Week 3 matchup with the Seattle Rainmakers. Down three goals in the later part of the first half, the Nighthawks looked to recover after turning the disc, while the Rainmakers attempted to grow their lead with a long strike.

Seattle’s Evan Klein looked to find teammate Henry Phan with a long flick huck, as Phan seemed to have the positional advantage on his defender. As it looked like a easy scoring situation for the Rainmakers, the speedy Barbieri came flying into view. Timing his jump perfectly, Barbier skied Phan, coming down with the disc and reclaiming possession for the Nighthawks.

The Rainmakers would end up winning the game (BOXSCORE – <a href=" navigate to this”>WATCH GAME) but Barbieri was awarded the Canterbury Defensive Play of the Week for his efforts.

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