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The Vancouver Nighthawks’ William Vu is one of their impressive crop of Major League Ultimate rookies.

One feature that seems to unite the young guys is a throwback to the old days of ultimate; their love of ‘junk’ throws like high release backhands and forehands, or in this case, the scoober.

To throw the scoober, you hold the disc like you are going to throw a normal flick, but then flip it over while pivoting to turn your back to the target, and then release it upside down with a flick of the wrist. It is a very useful throw for breaking the force, as you can get it off very quickly and over top of the mark, and it gets to the target in no time flat.

The throw can be controlled very precisely if you practice it, as Vu evidently has, but what’s really impressive about this particular throw is how far he gets it, almost 20 metres from release to catch. That’s a long way for a scoober to fly, as it becomes harder and harder to control as the distance increases.

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But Vu didn’t worry about how far the disc had to travel; he just reacted to the situation and made a perfect throw.

“I felt really confident about the throw as I made it. When I saw Dave Hochhalter had created separation from his check I just led him to the end zone,” said Vu.

The adrenaline of competition was evidently at work, given how far it went.

“To be honest, I would say that to have full control over that throw, normally my longest would be about 20-30 feet.”

Being able to exceed one’s normal range with a throw by a factor of two or three in a game situation is a great sign of potential from a young player. (Vu is just 20 and has played for only five years.)

The Nighthawks get this week off before returning to action next weekend with a visit to Portland for a rematch with the Stags. Their next home game is at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 23 against the Seattle Rainmakers at Thunderbird Stadium. You can buy tickets here.

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