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William Vu is getting himself a reputation. Just ask Mike LeRoss, who caught this remarkable throw.

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“Playing with Will is an interesting experience,” said LeRoss, “not only because of his throws but also because he’s a lefty. I think this team as a whole has learned that when Will has the disc, any kind of throw could be coming at you from any direction.”

“As I cut in front of him to the open side of the field my only thought was ‘please just put up some sort of O/I or blade to the open space, please’. But as I saw the scoober go up it changed to ‘this is mine’ and I yelled that to Phil [Davidson] as he started to make a play for it.”

Vu won the same award a few weeks ago with a remarkable scoober, but with this corkscrew of an uber-scoober he has outdone himself. Very few MLU players would have even conceived of trying this throw, much less have the ability to complete it, but Vu knew exactly what he was doing.

“If I had thrown the hammer instead, there wouldn’t have been enough float to give Mike some time to react. I threw the scoober because there’s usually more float to the throw then the hammer and to give Mike some time to catch the throw.”

“I wouldn’t say this is the longest scoober I have thrown in a game but it was definitely the highest. As you can see in the video that made it do a double helix, curving around the defenders then straight down to Mike.”

As a young up-and-comer, Vu isn’t yet getting a huge amount of playing time, but as he matures and is given more responsibility you won’t be able to take your eyes off him when he is working his magic.

After another bye week, the Nighthawks will attempt to avenge their recent loss to Seattle when they again host the Rainmakers on Saturday, June 6, 2015, at 6:00 pm.

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