The Vancouver Nighthawks are proud to welcome their newest member, Brian Gisel, Operations Manager for the 2013 season.

Nothing could be more fitting for Brian, the Nighthawks, and the city of Vancouver.

His experience as a leader of Ultimate in Vancouver is legendary, beginning in 1995 when Brian joined the board of  the British Columbia Disc Sports Society, the organization responsible for Ultimate across the province. Since 1992, he had been playing in the Vancouver Ultimate League (VUL), a nascent 25-team start-up that became one of the largest Ultimate leagues in the world in just ten years.

In 1996 the BCDSS became aware of an opportunity for Vancouver to host the 1997 WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships. Brian handled the bid portion of the project, and after WFDF selected Vancouver as the Host City, he became the Tournament Director for the 100-team event.

WUCC 1997 went on to be a game changer in international disc events, elevating the bar in terms of organization and service provided to players. Brian became the Tournament Director for the 2000 and 2004 Canadian Ultimate Championships, also both held in Vancouver.

During that time he also was elected as part of the first Vancouver Ultimate League Society Board of Directors as the VUL transformed into a formal not-for-profit society that continues to lead the development of Ultimate in Vancouver to this day.

Needless to say, Brian’s ready to bring the MLU to Vancouver. “I’m excited to be part of the team that will bring professional Ultimate to one of the largest Ultimate communities in North America,” says Gisel. “It is our intention that the Nighthawks will uphold the tradition of competitive success that Vancouver Ultimate has come to expect from its top touring teams over the past two decades.”

Brian’s extensive Ultimate resume continues with his work as Event Chair for the World Flying Disc Federation, beginning in 2004. He traveled to Perth and Finland as a WFDF consultant, his experiences confirming his belief that Vancouver should run the other half of the Worlds events, the World Ultimate and Guts Championships. Eleven years after the WUCC, WUGC 2008 came to Vancouver, making it the only city to have hosted both WFDF Ultimate events.

While serving as President of the VULS Board of Directors, Brian was the Chair of the Championship Committee for the WFDF. As the Chair, he attended the 2005 and 2009 World Games as Event Coordinator of Ultimate.

While Brian still plays, he prefers developing Ultimate off the field. He’s still focused on Ultimate in Vancouver, but MLU has become his new platform.

“Apart from seeing professional Ultimate in this great city, I’m looking forward to engaging the local Ultimate community and harnessing the excitement and enthusiasm we know exists for MLU in Vancouver,” says Gisel. “We have high expectations for the Nighthawks on the field, but we have equally high expectations for the franchise off the field.”

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Paul has worked in online content, freelance writing and education for the past ten years. A native of Baltimore with roots in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, Paul grew up in a family of Ultimate enthusiasts. He graduated with his undergraduate degree in English from Goucher College in Baltimore and his Masters in Education also from Goucher. Paul was the captain of Goucher College Ultimate and then played with the Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance, Central Maryland Ultimate Association and the Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams. As the Director of Content, Paul handles the online content for the MLU site and eight team sites.

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    What a great addition to our league. Can’t wait to work and learn from you Brian.


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