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The Vancouver Nighthawks entered the 2015 season with their eyes on a 2nd straight Western Conference Championship and another chance at an MLU Championship.  The season was a disappointment, several Nighthawks were awarded Plays of the Week awards by the the league:

Week 2 Friction Gloves Catch of the Week 

Aaron Loach | #21

Kirk Savage releases a soft scoober to a diving Aaron Loach for the two-handed layout grab. Not the most conventional goal line play, but it sure is entertaining.

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Week 3 Innova Pulsar Throw of the Week 

William Vu | #1

With the formidable Stags defense sealing off his throwing lanes, William Vu decides to shoot a three-point length jump shot to his receiver in the end zone.

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Week 6 Innova Pulsar Throw of the Week 

William Vu | #1

The Rainmakers defender has his arms outstretched in anticipation for the upline cuts from the Nighthawks receivers trying to catch up with the play. Vu could have easily hit the player cutting on the near sideline, but instead he throws a majestic winding scoober over his defender.

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Week 8 Defensive Play of the Week 

Morgan Hibbert | #8

Hibbert’s been doing everything this season, leading the young Nighthawks on defense, offense and the pull. Hibbert throws a moonshot midfield pull allowing his defense to speed down the field, which causes the Rainmakers to rush a pass for Hibbert to snag.

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Week 9 US Coachways Offensive Play of the Week

Charles Eyrich and Sam Creed | #14 & #47

On this rapid offensive sequence that begins with a smooth backhand from Morgan Hibbert, Charles Eyrich leads Sam Creed a bit too far, allowing Creed to make a layout catch with the tips of his fingers. Creed then sends a poor throw for Eyrich to tip forward and grab for the goal. That’s ultimate: unpredictable, amazing and redeeming in one point.

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Week 10 Defensive Play of the Week

Nathan Lam | #19

Just when the Dogfish receiver thought he had a guaranteed goal, Nathan Lam comes from behind to snatch it out of his hands. It may have felt like a strip, but it was just a stellar play.

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While Hibbert, Loach and Eyrich have been Nighthawks standouts for years, the exciting play of rookies Creed, Lam and Vu is an encouraging sign of things to come for Vancouver ultimate in 2016.

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