The Vancouver Nighthawks announced on Tuesday their 28-man roster for the 2015 Major League Ultimate season.

Earlier, the team had pre-announced the re-signings of six veterans returning after playing last year, including Defensive Player of the Year Morgan Hibbert and MVP and Rookie of the Year Brendan Wong.

The remaining 22 names announced today include another two-year veteran, Jordan Tessarolo, as well as Jon Hayduk, who was a regular in 2013 and played a bit as an injury replacement last season, but the bulk of this year’s roster will be composed of players who made it through a very competitive tryout process. It is a roster that represents the demographics of Vancouver itself, with a number of players having been born overseas and a number of others having moved here from points east in Canada.

Last year’s team was invigorated by the addition of several young players, and this year’s roster will up the ante, reflecting the strong development programmes in British Columbia schools, universities and leagues by featuring a number of young players just making their way into top-level ultimate. But even these young players have plenty of experience playing age group competitions both nationally and internationally, which will be invaluable in helping them make the transition to Major League Ultimate under the tutelage of seasoned coach Andrew Lugsdin.

“The Vancouver Nighthawks are very excited about our 2015 roster,” said General Manager Brian Gisel. “We had a wealth of young, eager and hungry players come out for the team and our final roster reflects this. There will be an edge to the Nighthawks this season as every player competes hard to establish themselves on the team and in the league.”

Last year’s Nighthawks started slowly but then finished the regular season on a hot streak, eventually making it all the way to the MLU Championship game. Given all the new players, expect this year’s version to follow a similar trajectory, perhaps this time with an MLU Championship win as the final result.

21. Aaron Loach (Langara College; Toronto, Ontario)
78. Alan Macfarlane (Auckland University; Auckland, New Zealand)
25. Andy Siy (University of Western Ontario; Vancouver, B.C.)
10. Anthony Phan (University of British Columbia; Hong Kong)
11. Ari Nitikman (Simon Fraser University; Burnaby, B.C.)
98. Brendan Wong (University of British Columbia; Vancouver, B.C.)
14. Charles ‘Bobo’ Eyrich (Dalhousie University; Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia)
41. Dave Hochhalter (Michigan State; Calgary, Alberta)
49. Jonathan Hayduk (University of British Columbia; Vancouver, B.C.)
13. Jordan Tessarolo (University of Victoria; Abbotsford, B.C.)
36. Evan Taylor (Point Grey Secondary; New Westminster, B.C.)
66. Gyorgy Aponte (University of Caracas; Maracay, Venezuela)
20. Kevin Chan (Kwantlen Polytechnic University; Vancouver, B.C.)
91. Kirk Savage (University of British Columbia; Chilliwack, B.C.)
32. Michael Yi (Eric Hamber Secondary; Taipei, Taiwan)
46. Levi Jeske (Simon Fraser University; Surrey, B.C.)
22. Matthew Berezan (University of British Columbia; Edmonton, Alberta)
88. Mike LeRoss (Simon Fraser University; New Westminster, B.C.)
8. Morgan Hibbert (University of British Columbia; Vancouver, B.C.)
19. Nathan Lam (University of Victoria; Victoria, B.C.)
90. Taylor Nadon (University of Victoria; Vancouver, B.C.)
17. Nick Lin (University of British Columbia; Taiwan)
40. Philip Davidson (Simon Fraser University; Calgary, Alberta)
47. Sam Creed (University of British Columbia; Winnipeg, Manitoba)
12. Samson Hoy (Simon Fraser University; Vancouver, B.C.)
6. Ted Chu (Langara College; Manila, Philippines)
45. Tierney FitzGerald (Calgary, Alberta)
1. William Vu (Britannia Secondary; Vancouver, B.C.)

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