After the season ended we asked the Nighthawks players and coaches to vote on player awards and received 21 replies, so this is a good sample of what the team collectively perceived on the field, at practise, and in the locker room over the course of the Nighthawks first season.

Most Inspirational Player – Alex Davis

The voting was more dispersed on this award than the other three. Perhaps this means that this is a team with multiple leaders. In the end Alex took it by half a point, because we failed to disallow split votes.

Most Improved Player – Max Hunter

Hunter took one-third of the votes for a narrow win. Next year we will have to specify whether it refers to improvement during the course of Season Two vs. improvement compared to Season One.

Most Valuable Player (O Line) – Oscar Pottinger

Pottinger was a clear winner, getting almost twice as many votes as anyone else.

Most Valuable Player (D Line) – Aaron Liu

This was a runaway. Prez got all but two of the votes, with one of those two being his. His remarkable play this season clearly did not go unnoticed by his teammates.

Nighthawks Record Holders

Now that we have a season in the bag, we can mention who holds the season, and hence all-time for now, records for the Nighthawks.

Mark Leduc – 27 goals
Oscar Pottinger – 35 assists
Allan Cowan – 16 Ds

Plays of the Week

This is a good spot to remind you that players on the Nighthawks earned three Plays of the Week.

First up, in Week 2 following a Nighthawks turnover against San Francisco, on the resulting throw Aaron Loach tipped the disc with a huge sky, and then went over top of the Dogfish player without fouling him to cleanly catch the disc and regain possession for his team.

Then in Week 8’s game against San Francisco, Nick Menzies received the Offensive Play of the Week award for a fantastic Double Happiness with no time time left on the clock at the end of the first half.

And finally, in Week 9’s game against Portland, Andre Gailits took the Offensive Play of the Week award by skying over not just one but two players to score by catching a perfectly placed huck from Kirk Savage.

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