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As the 2014 MLU playoff race unfolded, it became clear that the Portland Stags would secure one of the two spots in the Western Conference Final. With only a few weeks remaining, it looked like the second postseason berth would come down to either the Seattle Rainmakers or the Vancouver Nighthawks. When the Rainmakers and Nighthawks met in Week 8, the game’s implications were clear for both teams.

Throughout the game, the two teams looked evenly matched. Just a few minutes into the 4th quarter, the Rainmakers were holding on to a razor-thin, single-goal lead, but were looking to grow it. The Rainmakers, smelling a victory that would greatly help their chances of returning to the playoffs, saw an opportunity as their leading goal scoring, Donnie Clark broke down the near sideline with nothing but daylight ahead of him. Seeing Clark’s move, Seattle’s Adam Simon fired a long huck downfield to his seemingly wide open teammate.

What Simon and Clark didn’t see coming was Vancouver’s Morgan Hibbert, tracking down Clark with his long, fast strides. As the disc descended towards Clark, the relentless Hibbert dove and swatted the disc out of the air, tallying the block and regaining possession for the Nighthawks.

The Nighthawks would tie the game, and win it in overtime (BOXSCOREWATCH GAME) eventually passing the Rainmakers in the standings making it all the way to the 2014 MLU Championship game. Hibbert would record 7 blocks in the game, setting an MLU record that stands to this day.

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