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Heading into the 2014 MLU Season, the Vancouver Nighthawks were looking to establish themselves as one of the powers in the Western Conference. A prime opportunity for the Nighthawks to prove their meddle was their Week 2 matchup with the reigning Western Conference Champions – The San Francisco Dogfish

As the game began, the Nighthawks, playing on their home turf at Thunderbird Stadium, started the game with energy. As the Dogfish, the leading scoring team in 2013’s Western Conference, opened with the disc, they went for the quick strike, launching a near-full field backhand huck down the far sideline. As the throw carried directly towards the fair sideline, Vancouver defender Alex Davis came flying into view, launching himself forward and smacking the disc out of bounds and away from the Dogfish receiver. Now with possession, the Nighthawks converted the break, the first goal of what turned into a rout, with the home team winning 26-15 (BOXSCOREWATCH GAME).

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