The Vancouver Nighthawks are proud to announce the signing of Morgan Hibbert for the 2013 MLU Season.

Hibbert has been playing since his high school days back in 1998 and has been relentless in his pursuit of excellence. He played with UBC for 5 years and joined Furious in 2005 and has captained the latter since 2009.

“Morgan is a great addition to the Nighthawks,” says Nic Darling, VP of Major League Ultimate. “I was recently able to meet with him in person, and I know he is exactly the kind of player and leader this team needs.”

Hibbert has played at every single world tournament since 2002 including a Club Worlds win in 2006 and a gold with the Canadian National Team in the 2008 World Championship in Vancouver. He is also currently part of the team selected to represent Canada in the 2013 World Games.

“I chose to play for the Nighthawks,” says Hibbert, “because I believe in Skip Sewell and his associates and their vision and ability to make professional Ultimate successful. I want to be a part of this success right from the beginning. I want to be a part of something special.”

The Nighthawks will be heading down to Seattle to match up against the Rainmakers on opening day and Hibbert isn’t pulling any punches when he talks about his long time rivals.

“I am already buzzing about the opportunity to go into Seattle on opening night and to lay a beat down on them in front of their hometown fans,” says Hibbert. “There is something so satisfying about crushing their dreams right from the very beginning by ruining their big night. I can’t wait!”

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