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Morgan Hibbert is so gritty, it’s remarkable that the game discs don’t end up as road discs when he handles them.

“The strongest aspect of my play is my fire and my heart and my desire to win at all costs. My mum would actually describe this as mouthy, stubborn and reckless, hah. I believe I am a sandpaper kind of guy. I bring that grit that is needed to win.”

Nighthawks Head Coach and GM Andrew Lugsdin describes one of his three co-captains, “Morgan is someone who has worked very hard to make himself into the player he’s become. As a teammate, it’s impossible not to respect that. He’s a big guy who loves to take on the challenge of covering the top lane cutter on the opposition. He can make big plays in the air if they go deep or can get a layout block on any underneath cuts. He’s also a big receiver for us in transition. Morgan is someone who plays tirelessly and sacrifices his body to help the team win.”

In hockey they call them grinders, players who get everything possible out of their natural talent, who play with great effort and understand how to win. When you get a player like Morgan who has lots of talent but plays like a grinder, you usually find a leader, and a winner.

It all started in the spring of 1998 when Morgan was cut from the varsity soccer team. After a few failed attempts his brother lured him out to try “this new sport called “Ultimate” with the prospect of meeting some very fit women, and that was it, he was hooked. (On the sport, that is. I didn’t ask him about the women.)

“What hooked me were the people who played,” recalls Hibbert. “The camaraderie that was shared amongst people both on my team and with players on opposing teams was intoxicating and refreshing. I was drawn by the type of people that played and the life values they believed in.”

Morgan hasn’t lost sight of what originally drew him to the game. “My greatest non-athletic Ultimate achievement was heading down to Medellin, Colombia to spread the joys of Ultimate and the positive ideals it promotes to at-risk youth.”

Over his 15-year career Morgan has achieved many honours, playing on, often captaining, teams that have captured five Canadian championships, a Canadian university championship, a UPA title, and wins at both a WUCC and a WUGC tournament. He has captained Vancouver’s legendary touring team Furious George since 2009.

What is he most proud of? “My greatest athletic achievement was winning the 2008 WUGC Gold medal in front of friends and family in the city I grew up in, in the stadium I call home.”

Better yet, that stadium is Thunderbird Stadium on the University of British Columbia campus, the home of the Nighthawks.

And what does Morgan hope to accomplish this first season, both individually and as a member of the Nighthawks?

“The answer is the same for both. Win.”

And he has a message for opposing teams.

“Playing against the Nighthawks is going to be such a miserable, wretched experience that you will be wishing that every point is over before the pull has even hit the ground.”

True grit.

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