The Vancouver Nighthawks took another dip in the MLU Power Rankings this week as the team took a break on their bye. Coming off a tough loss against the Seattle Rainmakers the week before, the players both understand and aren’t overly troubled by their ranking this time around though.

“We haven’t proven anything to anyone so far, so the rankings seem about right,” commented one of the rising Nighthawks stars, Gagan Chatha.

Three games into the season, no one’s ringing any alarm bells yet, nor should they. The team has had a mix of results with a tight loss (23-21 to Portland), blowout win (26-15 over San Francisco) and a difficult loss against the Rainmakers and their turbulent weather (20-15). Vancouver fans are well aware of the talent on their team and have seen enough flashes already to have faith in the group picking it up.

Chatha has no doubts that this weekend’s rematch with Seattle will be quite unlike the first: “We’re definitely going to bring our A-game, especially in front of the home crowd on Saturday. I’d expect a very different result this weekend.”

Full Power Rankings for this week can be found here.

The Nighthawks teammates return to action this weekend with a home game against the Seattle Rainmakers at the University of British Columbia’s Thunderbird Stadium on Saturday, May 10 at 7 p.m..

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