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This is the seventh and final installment in a series of articles that will introduce you to the new members of the Vancouver Nighthawks.

Davidson (628x360)

Playing History Davidson has played for nine years, most recently with Blackfish.

Player Most Admired / Role Model “When I first started playing in Vancouver, in a hat league, Nigel Cochrane invited me onto his league team telling me ‘Phil you suck. But someday you won’t suck as much, and I don’t want to play against you then.’ Nigel wasn’t so much a coach, but he was an inspiration.”

Most Influential Ultimate Coach “Since then, Patrick Gatien and (former Nighthawk) Aaron Koenig were my captains back in my first Blackfish years, both great leaders with intensity and still good friends to this day.”

How many of your 2015 Nighthawks teammates have you played on a team with before? “I’ve played with Alan Macfarlane, Samson Hoy, Dave Hochhalter, Bobo Eyrich and Jordan Tessarolo on Blackfish, plus Taylor Naydon, Gyorgy Aponte, Nathan Lam and Brendan Wong at various tournaments, a total of nine.”

Hochhalter (628x360)

Playing History Hochhalter has played for eight years, most recently with Furious George.

Player Most Admired / Role Model “My teammate (then eventually coach) at Michigan State, Alex Edinger, taught me so much about the heart of the sport, why we play and how that should reflect upon my attitude both on and off the field. I’ve tried to model my game after so many different players and styles that it’s hard to say who has had the most impact. Most recently it would have to be former Nighthawk Andy Collins, one of the best examples of how to use size and strength in ultimate.”

Most Influential Ultimate Coach “This would be a close one between Patrick Mooney (Team Canada U-23) and Shooter (Scott Hastie – GOAT), two coaches with very different styles. Shooter has an incredible ability to sense and understand the emotional level of a team and direct it to the place it needs to go. Mooney had the impossible task of dealing with a crew of rowdy 20-somethings, which he did with a no-nonsense attitude that forced us to be accountable for our decisions, and to understand how they affected our teammates and our selves. Both of these men gave me things I value greatly, and I wouldn’t be the player I am today without either of them.”

How many of your 2015 Nighthawks teammates have you played on a team with before? “I played with Andy Siy and Taylor Nadon on Team Canada, Aaron Loach, Bobo Eyrich, Matt Berezan, and Tierney FitzGerald on Furious George, and Morgan Hibbert on Furious and GOAT, seven in total.” The Nighthawks return to action next weekend with a visit to Portland for a rematch with the Stags. Their next home game is at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 23 against the Seattle Rainmakers at Thunderbird Stadium. You can buy tickets here. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more stories about the 2015 Vancouver Nighthawks.

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