Media Access


Thank you for your coverage of Major League Ultimate. Please read through the following document to assure all expectations and regulations are understood. Questions on this document can be directed to



 Professional Conduct

Media are expected to follow the guidelines set forth in this document, as well as the instructions of MLU staff, stadium employees and security personnel. This will provide a safe, productive environment in which to cover the MLU Event.

 Media credentials are issued with the purpose to provide access to interviews and written, audio and visual accounts of the game or event, as appropriate. Media members should not use access for autographs, personal photographs, or commercial photography of any sort. Holders of these credentials may not sell or transfer to another individual or entity (other than UltiPhotos, MLU’s exclusive commercial photo distributor) any photographs featuring MLU and MLU teams’ respective trademarks, names, logos, uniform designs, copyrights, or other proprietary rights for any commercial purposes, including in personal or third party advertisements or promotions, or on apparel, cups, posters, prints, T-shirts, or other consumer products.

Media credentialed for access to shoot photographs and/or video are expected to use professional equipment to file photographic or video accounts. Use of non-professional equipment (point-and-shoot cameras) could result in forfeiture of media access. Such cases will be decided by MLU or team staff at the event.

Media Services

  • Press Releases: To be added to the MLU media distribution list, please send an e-mail request to

  • Media Guides: To request a current media guide for an MLU Team, please send an email request to

  • Interview Requests: Media requesting interviews with MLU players, coaches or administrators should make arrangements with the MLU press office. When requesting and conducting interviews, media should identify the organization which they are representing, and provide advance notice if audio or video will be recorded for later distribution. All audio and video interviews are subject to MLU Video Guidelines which are included in this document.

  • The official web site of Major League Ultimate. All press releases on that site or any of the MLU team sites can be republished by media in their entirety.

  • Video: Media are welcome to embed videos that appear on MLU sites or YouTube channels.

  • B-roll & Interviews: The MLU may be able to provide footage and interviews by request. To request b-roll or interviews, please email to inquire about availability.

  • Twitter: The MLU provides updates at that include breaking news and new content posted to the MLU site. Such updates are also provided by each team. Media are welcome to re-tweet all MLU content, including play-by-play accounts.

Photography Requests

  • Head Shots: The MLU maintains a limited number of head and shoulder portraits of MLU Team players and coaches that can be requested by emailing

  • Editorial Photos: For MLU game and event photos, please contact Kevin Leclaire of UltiPhotos at UltiPhotos is the official photography provider for the MLU. Media outlets can also search and preview the photography archive at

  • Commercial Photography: UltiPhotos is the MLU’s exclusive commercial photo distributor and as such is the only entity authorized to distribute and sell MLU photos for commercial use.

  • Please see Appendix IV for more information on photography.


Event Types

  • Games: All MLU games including preseason, regular season, postseason and exhibition games will be open to the press given that they have attained proper credentials for that game.

  • Practices: All practices are open to properly credentialed press unless explicitly restricted by the MLU, Team General Manager or Head Coach.

  • Events: MLU events such as youth clinics, meet and greets and youth tournaments are open to the press with proper credentials.

  • Additional Events: Any MLU events not explicitly mentioned in this document are subject to the same credential requirements and may or may not be open to the press at the discretion of the MLU and/or the Team.


  • Applications: Media can request credentials for events online at The online application process can be found by clicking (??????). Media can also contact the MLU directly by emailing Credentials will be available by mail or for pick-up on the day of the Event at Will Call or via an appointed MLU or Team representative.

  • Policies: In addition to the policies listed below, please note that only working media will be credentialed. The MLU will consider separate credentials for amateurs, but such access will be subject to separate policies and restrictions.

  • Season Credential Holders: Full season credentials are available on a league-wide or team specific basis. All media provided season credentials must still inform the MLU of their plans to attend specific games and events to ensure a space.

  • Media facilities, including the press box and photographers’ work area (where available) will open at least one (1) hour before each game.

  • Photographer Workroom: Where available, a photographer workroom will be offered.

  • Internet: Wireless internet access (where available) will be provided to all media filing on deadline. Wireless use may be restricted based on the streaming needs of the video production team.

  • Game Notes & Media Guides: Game notes and media guides will be provided when available.

  • Rosters: Official rosters, which will include jersey numbers for each team, will be distributed to the media as early as possible.

Media Access/Interviews

  • There is no pre-game access to MLU players and coaches on game days unless specifically provided for upon request. Post-game interviews can be conducted at agreed upon locations at each venue (usually on the field).

  • Press Conference: At some events, a Press Conference may be held with the Head Coach and one player. All credentialed media will be invited to attend.

Print & Online Media

  • Video: Please notify the MLU in advance if your coverage includes video recording. Any video footage, including interviews, gathered by print and online media is subject to the MLU Video Guidelines. The Video Guidelines are included in Appendix I of this document.

  • Live Blogging / Commentary: Live blogging of MLU events from either the venue or via broadcast is subject to our Live Blogging Guidelines. The guidelines are included in Appendix II of this document.

  • Audio: Please notify the MLU in advance if your coverage includes audio recording. Any audio, including interviews, gathered by radio, print and online media is subject to the MLU Audio Use Guidelines. The guidelines are included in Appendix III of this document.

  • Photography: Please notify the MLU in advance if your coverage includes still photography. Any photography  gathered by print and online media is subject to the MLU Photography Guidelines. The Photography Guidelines are included in Appendix IV of this document. 

Radio – Non-Rights Holders

Non-rights holding radio journalists and podcasters are welcome to conduct pre-game and post-game reports, but NO play-by-play reports are permitted. Non-rights-holders will have access to post-match press conference (if available) and interview areas unless otherwise notified. Radio outlets interested in purchasing rights should contact the MLU at

Any audio, including interviews, gathered by radio, print and online media is subject to the MLU Audio Use Guidelines. The guidelines are included in Appendix III of this document.

Field Access

Print, online and radio writers and reporters are not permitted on the field at anytime during a game. Media members granted game-time field access must have a working purpose. Field access will be provided to all media post game. Special requests for field access can be made by contacting the MLU at

Still Photographers

  • Locations: Still photographers are permitted to shoot MLU events from specific locations around the field. These spaces will be determined on an event by event basis, but typically include the area behind the end zones and sideline area opposite the team benches. UltiPhotos, the official photographer of the MLU, will be granted preferred location at all events. At no time are photographers allowed on the field of play.

  • Photo Marshal: MLU staff will be available to assist photographers and provide roster info and other information. Directions from MLU staff should be heeded by all photographers with regards to location, equipment concerns or any other details.

Video – Non-Rights Holder

  • Video Footage: All non-rights holders must follow the MLU Video Guidelines for all footage gathered at events. The Video Guidelines are included in Appendix I of this document.

  • TV Reporters: Reporters may stay on the field until 15 minutes prior to the first pull to shoot ‘scene sets,’ and are not allowed on the field again until after the conclusion of the game.

  • Location: Non-rights holders cameras are permitted to shoot MLU events from specified locations around the field. Generally these will be opposite the team benches in either end zone. At no time are any media members allowed on the field of play.

  • Video Marshal: MLU staff will be available to assist video crews and provide roster info and other information. Directions from MLU staff should be heeded by all photographers with regards to location, equipment concerns or any other details.

  • Live Newscasts: Please contact the MLU in advance of the event if you would like to broadcast live pre or post game footage as part of a newscast from the stadium.

Appendix I: Non-Rights Holder Video Guidelines

Television Broadcasters

Television broadcasters can use footage of MLU events obtained either via 1) their own recording or 2) action dubbed from a MLU rights holder broadcast with credit, but only in connection with its regularly scheduled news programming within a week of the game. This footage should not exceed five (5) minutes in total duration. Highlights aired as part of a continuous news program should not be longer than three (3) minutes per 30-minute segment.

  • Filming – Game Action: For televised and non-televised events, non-rights holders’ cameras may record the entire game but are still subject to the aforementioned limits.

  • Filming – Interviews and Scene Sets: There is no limit to the gathering of footage pre-game, at halftime and post game. All footage gathered is subject to the usage guidelines indicated in this document.

  • Previews or Advances: In advance of an MLU event, television broadcasters can use two (2) minutes of archival game action to preview an upcoming event. In the local/regional markets, broadcasters should mention the time and location of the game along with their report. Outside of the local markets, broadcasters should mention the time and broadcast (web-stream) information.

  • Television Broadcasters’ Web Sites: Video produced for air as part of regular programming that is simulcast or archived online must be accompanied by a link to Content produced exclusively for the internet is subject to the guidelines for Online Video.

Online Video

  • Game Action: Online organizations (including print publications that post video online) are not permitted to film or use game action video at any time. Game Action includes any footage of the field, teams, etc., following the beginning of the broadcast window. Only video of off-field activities (i.e. interviews, training sessions) may be recorded. Outlets desiring game footage may embed any highlights or coverage available through and the MLU and team You Tube channels.

  • Non-Game Video: Online video may not incorporate integrated advertising and must be accompanied by links to

  • Professional Presentation: Online video is expected to be recorded, edited and presented in a professional manner. Video must be presented/hosted on an organization’s web site, and not solely on a site provided by a third-party (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.).

  • Online Video Sites: Organizations who regularly post video to online video sites (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) may not include advertising with video gathered as a result of media access. Allowing users to embed these videos is not permitted, and the description any video must include a link to

Appendix II: Non-Rights Holder Audio Guidelines

Radio Broadcasters/Podcasters

Play-by-Play Accounts: Play by play accounts are forbidden by non-rights holders at any time. Audio posted on radio broadcaster or podcast web sites must comply with Online Guidelines below.


Non-Game Audio: Online audio may not incorporate integrated advertising and must be accompanied by links to

Appendix III: Live Written Updates

Online or Text Reports (e.g., live blogs, Twitter, etc.) concerning MLU games while they are in progress (“Live Written Updates”) are subject to the following:

  • While a game is in progress, any accounts of the game must be time-delayed and/or limited in amount so that the game coverage provided cannot be used as a substitute for authorized play-by-play accounts.

  • Any suggestion by an individual or entity that live updates are being provided as a substitute for authorized play-by play accounts is strictly prohibited.

  • Live updates may not use any audio, video or graphic simulations of MLU games.

  • Live updates must provide the broadcast information for that MLU Game. For example: “Tonight’s MLU Game is being live streamed at (web address of live stream).”

  • All entities providing Live Updates must post a link to All entities may also utilize MLU or team Twitter feeds.

  • All live updates must be free of charge to readers.

Note: This policy does not prohibit the posting of the facts of a game (e.g., points scored, game score and time remaining).

Appendix IV: Photography

  • Official Photographer: UltiPhotos is the official photographer of the MLU and as such, provides licensing and distribution for editorial and commercial use.  UltiPhotos is the MLU’s exclusive commercial photo distributor – the only entity authorized to distribute and sell MLU photos for commercial use.  UltiPhotos is also willing to manage and license images owned by individual photographers, but it will be the decision of the individual photographer who owns the copyright on whether to work with UltiPhotos.

  • Other Media Photographers: Other Photographers with a media pass are entitled to the use of their work for editorial content for the publication for which the media pass was provided. They can also present that work as personal portfolio material, but such presentation must not be accompanied by advertising and must provide a link to

  • Print Photography: All print photography should be accompanied by a credit to the MLU and/or a mention of the MLU in the accompanying text.

  • Online Photography: All online photography should be presented with a link to or a link in the accompanying text.

  • Distribution: Photos taken at MLU Games or events cannot be presented or distributed in any way other than described above. Photographers interested in making their work available for broader editorial or commercial use should contact Kevin Leclaire at UltiPhotos at