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The Nighthawks are proud to announce the signing of British Columbia’s own Kirk Savage.

The 3-time UPA Champion and 4-time World Champion will join the Nighthawks to continue Vancouver’s Ultimate legacy and bring home the MLU Championship trophy.

“I am very honored to be a member of the first professional Vancouver Ultimate team,” says Savage. “Our city has a storied history of Ultimate excellence, and I am ready to help the Nighthawks write some new chapters in that book.”

Savage started his Ultimate career in the fabled Vancouver Ultimate League in 1992, and just three years later while playing on the University of British Columbia team, he became an original member of Furious George and went on to win the 1995 Canadian Championship.

Throughout his years with Furious George (1995-2010), Savage has played with Team Canada on 8 different occasions, including three World Games Ultimate appearances (2001, 2005, and 2009), making him one of the only Open players to have done so.

In addition to his playing career, Savage has contributed to the local Ultimate scene as a high school coach for St. George’s School and a founder of Ultimate in the Westminster School District. Savvy enjoys running clinics for Vancouver league players, and has even traveled to Japan with Furious George to host clinics.

Savage has made his mark on Canadian Ultimate, and now he’s ready to take it to the next level at Thunderbird Stadium. “The highlight of my Ultimate career was winning the World Championships in 2008 for Canada at home. We played the final game at Thunderbird in front of 5,000 friends and family and it was spectacular. For this MLU season, to have our home games at UBC and to represent the best Ultimate city in the world is exciting and inspiring.”

Savage’s nickname, “Savvy”, is an abbreviation of his last name brought on by his tricky handling skills. He’s known for his throwing arsenal, and his ability to get the disc to his cutters using some quick overhand throws.

When asked about Savvy’s penchant for scoobers, GM and Head Coach Andrew Lugsdin responded, “It’s not that Kirk invented the throw or anything but other top teams like Sockeye used to scream from the sideline at the mark to keep their right hand high to prevent the break force scoober. He’s used it to more effect than any other elite player that I’ve seen in my years of playing.”

Those who know Savvy can attest to his o-line handling prowess, as well as his leadership when it really matters. “I think the biggest thing about Kirk is that his impact is far greater than what you might expect if you were to look at him on paper,” says Lugsdin. “I’m pretty sure that Kirk was never the fastest guy on Furious nor jumped the highest but when I played with him, he was one of the players that I wanted on the field with me at crunch time.”

Those are the types of players Lugsdin wants on the Nighthawks. Having signed two of Vancouver’s Ultimate legends, Morgan Hibbert and now Kirk Savage, the team is beginning to secure a stronghold to lead the 25-man roster.

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  1. Marion Mussell

    I have to say that I don’t know much about the Vancouver Nighthawks or about this over the top physical sport. I do know Kirk Savage though and he will be the best he can be to contribute to the teams ‘ultimate’ success. Congratulations to Savvy – very appropriate name from other perspectives as well – and congratulations to the Vancouver Nighthawks for signing a winner.

  2. Chris

    I better be getting an autographed card or shirt out of this…. 😉

    • Krista

      Yeah, don’t forget those who knew you when! Remember Byng did beat Uhill for the high school championships back in the day,


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