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Week 8: Seattle Rainmakers (3-3) at Vancouver Nighthawks (1-4)

When: Saturday June 6 at 6:00 p.m. PDT
Where: Thunderbird Stadium | Vancouver

Super Sports Saturday

You can have a fantastic day being a sports fan up at UBC this Saturday.

Start by heading for Mahony & Sons (see Victory Drinks section below for more details), getting there in plenty of time to have lunch and a beverage while watching the Champions League final between Barcelona and Juventus. It starts at noon; reservations would be a good idea.

Then stick around at Mahony & Sons to watch the opening game of the Women’s World Cup between Canada and China, which will start just about the time the Champions League final is over.

By the time the World Cup game is over you’ll probably be ready for some outside time, so start walking towards Thunderbird Stadium. As you near the stadium you will hear some women yelling and see some frisbees flying. Follow your eyes and ears and you will come across a top level women’s club team ultimate tournament being held at UBC this weekend. Stick around and watch for a while.

But make sure you make it to Thunderbird Stadium to get into your seats in time for the 6 p.m. start of the Nighthawks game against the Seattle Rainmakers, where you will be joined in the stands by many of the women you watched play in the club tournament.

And speaking of female players, at half time you’ll get a chance to watch Vancouver’s top women’s team Traffic, one of the best teams in the world, play an intra-squad game using MLU rules and MLU referees.

And then you can wind down after the Nighthawks game by heading back to Mahony & Sons where you can have some final refreshments and talk to the Nighthawks players who hang out there after the game.

Now that’s a Super Sports Saturday!

Hot Hot Heat

According to the meteorologists, we may be breaking some temperature records in Vancouver this weekend, so make you are prepared by hydrating well, using plenty of sunscreen, wearing a hat and appropriate clothing, and monitoring yourself and your family and friends to make sure they are bearing up well under the conditions. Usually when the weather is like this there’s a cooling breeze off the ocean at UBC which makes it more comfortable, but when it comes to people who accustomed to living in a rain forest you can never be too careful when it comes to heat.

Thunderbird Stadium | Vancouver

Located on UBC’s gorgeous campus, Thunderbird Stadium has been the home of the Vancouver Nighthawks since their inception. The stadium can comfortably seat 3,500 under the grandstand and has parking available just outside. For those fans lacking personal transportation, buses run from most SkyTrain stations. A map can be found here.

Live Tweeting

If you can’t be there for the game, you can still follow it as it unfolds on Twitter.

Game Footage

You will also be able to watch the game in its entirety after the fact when it is posted on MLU TV’s Vancouver Nighthawks Channel. Look for it to appear on Tuesday.

Victory Drinks

Looking for a place to have a few pints, grab some food, and hang out with the Nighthawks after the game? Mahony & Sons is minutes away from Thunderbird Stadium (map here). Thanks to an all-ages family section, fans with kids in tow needn’t call it an early night on account of them. And if the company, Irish pub fare and convenience isn’t enough, bringing in your ticket stub will earn fans 10 percent off on game days.

Step Right Up

Still don’t have tickets for the game? You can buy them at the gate, or better yet, grab some online here. Also, take note of the group ticket promotions. Purchase 10 or more tickets at a time and receive 40 percent off regular price along with some perks! Read about the promotion in full here.

We also have an Elementary School Ticket Programme and a High School Ticket Fundraising Programme, as well as a Ticket Referral Programme.

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