With the playoff positions in the Western Conference settled and the season winding down, there would be seem to be little at stake in Saturday’s game between the Vancouver Nighthawks and Portland Stags at 7 p.m. in Portland. But if you think that’s true, you don’t know sports. There’s always something to be gained in every play and every game, no matter the situation.

First off, who wants to finish in last place? With Vancouver having registered two wins and Portland just one, if the Stags can beat the Nighthawks this weekend it gives them a chance to climb into a tie for third, with next weekend, when the Stags host San Francisco and Seattle playing in Vancouver, settling things. A Vancouver win, on the other hand, seals a third place finish for them.

And with next year in mind, players on both teams know their coaches and GMs will be watching closely as they ponder who they will bring back next year vs. who needs to be replaced to upgrade the team. Every player will be looking to make a good impression.

And of course every player on both teams just plain wants to win every game, and every play they are involved in. That’s why we play sports!

If you’re going to be in Portland, you can buy tickets for the game here.

Otherwise, you’ll be able to watch a live stream of the game here.

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