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Some of you might have the time and money to hop on a plane and fly to Philadelphia next weekend to watch the Vancouver Nighthawks play DC Current for the Major League Ultimate Championship.

But for the rest of us, the best way to watch the Championship while having the full fan experience is to come out to Nighthawks Live! We’ll be showing the game on multiple large screens at the Mahoney and Sons Burrard Landing location, downtown on the eastern side of the Vancouver Convention Centre on the waterfront just west of Canada Place. It’s an easy location to get to by bicycle, bus, Skytrain, or Seabus.

It’s a family-friendly spot, and you’ll be able to buy food and drink, including R&B beer and Duke’s Cider for the same price as at Nighthawks home games ($5). There will be prizes handed out to fans too. The game starts at 3 p.m. Saturday, July 19th.

So come on out and join other Nighthawks fans to cheer on our lads as they try to win it all!

You can learn more about this event and find a map showing the exact location here.

You can learn more about the final game itself here.

Even if you can’t travel to Philadelphia or make it out to Mahoney & Sons, you’ll still be able to watch a live stream of the game here.

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