Photo by Jeff Bell-

Ultimate is a sport of big moments – the long downfield huck, the layout goal, the sky in the end zone and the list goes on. Over the past four years of . This week, we take a look at a spectacular moment captured by Jeff Bell.

For the first three seasons of the . A towering, physical athlete, Hibbert is the team’s all-time assists, blocks and points played leader, and was among the league’s most impressive players during his time with the Nighthawks. A fierce competitor, Hibbert was frequently seen surrounded by opponents in the end zone, vying for the disc testtest.

As the Nighthawks hosted the launched a 40-yard huck towards the endzone, Nighthawks fans caught the familiar sight of a surrounded Hibbert prepared to make his bid. Boxing out one defender, while turning to face another, Hibbert leapt upward and snagged the disc with both hands, bringing it in for the score.

As Hibbert went skyward, Bell perfectly captured the physical exertion of the Nighthawks captain as he gave everything for his team.

While Hibbert would shine, the Nighthawks were unable to hold off the potent Seattle offense, as the Rainmakers would go on to win that day. ()

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