Photo by Natalie Bigman-Pimentel –


Height: 6’0″ Weight: 170 Age: 19

Goals: 8 Assists: 2 Blocks: 4

MLU Experience: 1

The 2016  fielded a roster full of young rookie talent, including the promising Barbieri. Just 18-years old as a rookie, Barbieri exhibited signs of developing into one of Vancouver’s next generation of ultimate stars. Extremely athletic, Barbieri showed fantastic field sense and a strong ability to read the disc. With excellent body control on the ground and in the air, Barbieri has a knack for making timely bids for the disc while on offense and defense testtest testtest testtest.

As a rookie, Barbieri tallied eight goals, two assists and four blocks on 91 points played. While turnovers were a bit of an issue early in the season, Barbieri seemed to get comfortable with the disc as the season progress and finished the year completing 92% of his pass attempts over his final four appearances with the team. With elite athleticism and a good feel for the game, Barbieri has the potnetial to develop into an elite player as he is still a year away from his 20th birthday.


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