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Ryan Hoy #12

Height: 6’1″ Weight: 155 Age: 20

Goals: 3 Assists: 3 Blocks: 4

MLU Experience: 1

The 2016 Vancouver Nighthawks fielded a roster full of young, untested talent getting their first taste of professional ultimate action. Late in the season, the Nighthawks got a pleasant boost from Hoy, who saw action for the first time in Week 5. A 6-foot-1 hybrid out of University of British Columbia played just 73 points during the season, but still impressed in his limited action.

Seeing more and more time on the field in the later weeks of the season, Hoy posted two goals, three assists and four blocks in the final three weeks of the season. Particularly impressive was Hoy’s three block perfomance against the vaunted Portland Stags offense in Week 9. While turnovers became an issue for the long and athletic 20 year old, Hoy has plenty of time to clean up his game and capitalize on his natural talents as his career progresses.


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