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Graeme Barber #16

Height: 6’0″ Weight: 165 Age: 28

Goals: 4 Assists: 18 Blocks: 5

MLU Experience: 1Movie Get Out (2017)

One of the first new additions to the 2016 Vancouver Nighthawks turned out to be one of their best signings in Barber. Immediately coming in and taking control of a D-line on a roster full of rookies, Barber proved to be one of the teams most vital players during the 2016 campaign. With very strong throws and decision making skills, Barber lead the team in assists on the year (18), particularly impressive for somebody playing 80 percent of his points on the D-line.

Barber was a workhorse for the Nighthawks in 2016. The 6-foot handler out of the University of Victoria, Barber played the third most points on the team (149), also placing finishing third on the team in total scoring (22) and leading the team in TPOP (1.566). After the season, Barber was named the Western Conference Rookie of the Year, as well as being named as a finalist for Western Conference Defensive Player of Year.

Career Highlights:

2016 Western Conference Rookie of the Year

2016 Western Conference Defensive Player of the Year (Finalist)

Player of the Game vs Dogfish (5/21)

MLU Fantasy Perfect 7: Week 7

Nighthawks sign Graeme Barber for 2016

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